What Happens in Our Online Studies?


Before the examination, we ask the caregiver's consent to the child's participation in the research by filling out an online form.


In the case of our online studies, the experimenters share the link with you the day before you can join the experiment at the agreed time. We mainly use an application called Zoom, and a webcam, microphone, and internet connection are necessary to participate. You can join from several devices such as a laptop, a telephone, or a tablet, which you can discuss with colleagues during the organization.


At the beginning of the online meeting, we ask participants to give their oral consent after a brief introduction. In the following 1-2 minute section, the necessary technical details (picture, soundcheck, etc.) are set up and checked.


The experiment usually begins with a short warm-up to allow the children to make friends with the experimenter and get used to the online environment. Then we start the testing session, which typically takes 10 - 20 minutes. During the session, we present pictures and videos to the children while recording their reactions. (For example, we ask them questions related to the video or ask them to point to something on the screen.)


At the end of the research, the experimenter talks about the goal of the study, the results, and experiences so far, and answers any questions that arise.









Source of illustration: Ikons8