For Students



Students can work in our lab as part of their university education while conducting experiments for their research field practice or thesis course. We also welcome prospective doctoral students, and it is also possible to join our lab as a volunteer. (If you have any questions regarding it, feel free to contact us at

Depending on the chosen research topic, it is possible to gain insights into several experimental methods: EEG, eye-tracking, looking time and interactive (behavioral) experiments. Our studies target children and/or adults. Students may be eligible to receive publication credit for their work if their contribution meets the APA ethical guidelines.


Thesis topics:

Naive sociology - the sources of tolerance - supervisor: Ildikó Király

Belief revision - it's contribution to flexible thought - supervisor: Ildikó Király

Studying social cognition in children and adults (social categorization, social learning, theory of mind) with behavioral experiments - supervisor: Kata Oláh

Cultural learning in preschool children in experimental-based interactive situations - supervisor: Krisztina Andrási

Experimental investigation of episodic memory - supervisor: Márton Nagy

Memory processes in eye movements - supervisor: Márton Nagy

Memory and learning processes in pupillometry - supervisor: Márton Nagy

Theory of Mind and language acquisition in preverbal infants (EEG) - supervisor: Bálint Forgács

Metaphor processing in the brain in adults (EEG) - supervisor: Bálint Forgács