Liszkai-Peres Krisztina


Krisztina Liszkai-Peres
PhD Candidate

My research topic is development of childhood memory.
Albeit adults don’t remember much of their early childhood, it’s clear that memory works already in the first years of life. Otherwise how would it be possible to learn as much as children learn at the beginning of their lives? We suppose that the early form of memory works different from adult memory: e.g. sometimes children are better than adults (learning nursery rhymes and tales), sometimes they forget or confuse facts, events. Infants and preschoolers do not yet talk or cannot speak so well, we investigate their memory during short plays.


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In preparation:

Liszkai-Peres, K., Kampis, D., & Király, I. (preprint). 3-year-old children’s memory flexibility allows adaptation to an altered context.


Liszkai-Peres Krisztina, Király Ildikó (2021). Gondolkozás és emlékezés a gyermeknél s a kultúrában, IN: Pszichológia, főszerk.: Pléh Csaba, Akadémiai Kiadó, DOI: 10.1556/9789634546399

Liszkai-Peres, K., Kampis, D., & Király, I. (2021). The flexibility of early memories: Limited reevaluation of action steps in 2-year-old infants. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 203, 105046.


Konok, V., Peres, K., Ferdinandy, B., Jurányi, Z., Bunford, N., Ujfalussy, D. J., Réti, Z., Kampis, G., & Miklósi, Ádám. (2020). Hogyan hat a mobileszköz-használat az óvodások figyelmére és társas-kognitív készségeire?. Gyermeknevelés Tudományos Folyóirat, 8(2), 13-31.


Oláh, K., Elekes, F., Pető, R., Peres, K., & Király, I. (2016). 3-Year-Old Children Selectively Generalize Object Functions Following a Demonstration from a Linguistic In-group Member: Evidence from the Phenomenon of Scale Error. Frontiers In Psychology, 7.